NS-EN ISO 9001:2008/ISO 9001:2008

Manufacturing Process for Manufacturing of Billets


At the first stage required scrap is sorted out from scrap yard. Then scrap is charged into the crucible of induction furnace and Heat (Power) is switched on. Scrap gets melted in the crucible of Induction furnace which is lined with Acidic Ramming Mass and Boric Acid. In about one and half hour the scrap comes up to the top level of crucible and takes liquid metal shape. Waste slag comes on the top which is removed and swept from the liquid steel. Then Ferro alloys are added as per the composition required in the steel ingots. Few Aluminium Bars/shots are also added, if required. When molten material gets required temperature then heat is poured into Continuous Castings machine for the formation of billets.